Centerline Martial Arts Academy, LLC is the newest martial arts school in Berks and Lebanon counties. We are located conveniently in Myerstown, PA at 115 East Main Avenue on the 3rd floor of the historic Old Shirt Factory building.

Although the school is new, it’s owner, Steve Daddona, is not new to the world of martial arts.  Steve has been actively involved in Kenpo for over 15 years and in Yoshitsune Ju Jitsu for over 13 years. Steve currently holds a third degree black belt in Kenpo and a second degree black belt in Combat Yoshitsune Ju Jitsu.  His training and education in the Martial Art Systems are ongoing with Dan Meck at META Martial Arts and Soke Michael DePasquale, Jr at DePasquale Ju-Jitsu .

Kenpo is an American system of martial arts adapted by Ed Parker in Hawaii while training under William Chow. ‘Ken’ means ‘fist’ and ‘Po’ means ‘law’. It is one of the most practical and versatile systems today. It uses both linear and circular movements in a fluid and continuous motion. Kenpo is an ever-evolving, practical, street oriented fighting martial arts system appropriate for all age groups, male and female to be best able to defend oneself against attack.

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Yoshitsune Ju Jitsu is a Japanese form of wrestling interpreted as the “body art”. It is a stand up form of grappling using movements to control the direction and force of an incoming powerful attack regardless of your stature, age, or sex. It is designed to keep your opponent close and eliminate means of escape. It is referred to as small circle jujitsu which focuses on small areas or pressure points on the attacker. Manipulation of the opponent’s joints and methods using leverage and counter manipulation to throw the opponent to the ground are also utilized and instructed in this system of self defense.

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  • Private & Group Lessons
  • Children & Adult Classes
  • American Kenpo Karate
  • Yoshitsune Ju Jitsu
  • Women's Self Defense
  • Safety
  • Yoga .


Here at Centerline Martial Arts Academy we offer classes so that you can enjoy this magnificent fighting style and martial arts. Centerline Martial Arts Academy offers Yoga courses and all types of women self defense lessons. Feel free to browse our website for more information!

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